New homepage


I recently started working on a brand new homepage. So today I sat down, and deleted the entire old universe going on out there... Ready for a clean slate...

New paintings - and an updated version of Deer Bear.

Yesterday I got a helping hand getting HQ pictures taken of 6 of my paintings. Most of them has already been on display here - but in older or worse versions, but a couple of them are new. Here are 4 of the 6...

Deer Bear!


First I painted a dead deer in the snow. Then Rasmus Møller stopped by with a stomach ache to watch some DVDs, and on that occasion I painted a forest and a monster killing the deer. That sucked. with capitals: SUCKED. So I repainted the snow. Then Carsten Villadsen, photographer extraordinaire, came and told me stories about dead deers and cars, and voila, motherfuckers. Tons of blood and sunset. Enjoy.



Just had a bomb of a party with my sister at my cousins "Fastelavnsfest" - a nordic not-as-grimm Halloween in february. My costume consisted of a quick and dirty monster-handpuppet exitting from my intestines and a fake arm. It isnt pretty, but the illusion of a moving monster out my stomach was surprisingly good. I was honoured with the price for best costume... My sister is not from Switzerland despite the decieving looks...