I feel like DAAACNING!


Yesterday i had a streak of sudden and intense happyness: My hands are healing, the weather was so nice, then there was all the Guggenheim fuzz and i just FELT LIKE DANCING. I was dancing a little, but the people in the U-bahn didn't think it was cool, so I grabbed my sketchbook and doodled this very very quick little comic on the way home to watch Flashforward with my loved one (Click on it for biiig):

The Guggenheim and me?


The craziest thing just happened. Yesterday The Guggenheim and YouTube, in collaboration with HP and Intel announced the shortlist of 125 videos for the youtube/play exhibition at the Guggenheim museum in NY and Bear Untitled is holding a spot on that list. I know that it is only the shortlist. Out of these 125 videos, only 20 will be entering the grand halls of Guggenheim, but I am pretty darn exited about it so far, and baffled that mine and Henrik's silly remark on a harsh teenage breakup made it through the initial 23.000 videos submitted to the exhibition in the first place. Now it is up to a hardcore jury of awesome artists to select the 20 final videos. Amongst them are such names as Darren Aronofsky, Stefan Sagmeister and Animal Collective, just to mention a few.

Read the Guggenheim press release here

The announcement of the final 20 will be made on the 21'st of October.

And here it is in the youtube version