A few months back "Dansk Videnscenter for Ordblindhed" (Danish Knowledge Center for Dyslexia) hired me to create an intro for a series of interviews, designed to inspire parents with dyslexia to read with their smallest children - to stimulate the future reading abilities of the toddlers. It was made in a couple of days, and was a really funny small project.  

The series is called Kængurulommen (The kangaroo pocket), because most parents are sitting with the offspring on the lap while reading - Hence the Kangaroo metaphor. You can see all the interviews on NOTA's homepage or on youtube.
And here is the 8 sec intro I created for the project.

Kængurulommen from Christen Bach on Vimeo.

A merry Christmas to you all!


Shooting Animation Tag Attack E12.


We just wrapped up 2 days of shooting the AtA Episode 12. It was an awesome weekend with an amazing group of madly talented people. And now Im tired. See you all tomorrow...

Photograph by Peter Ruschel

Guest on Zibb - German Style


The evening show Zibb on the German channel Rbb invited me in the studio to talk about art, the hype and the Guggenheim. It was a really fun experience and everyone there treated me so nicely. They even send a taxi through a snowstorm to come pick me up, I had my own little dressing room with fruit and beverages and had a really nice talk with Britta Elm in the studio. It is the first time ever Ive been in a talkshow  - and as a bonus live in German. haha.

This is me hanging in the Vip beforehand.

And here is the interview - complete with synchronized video and yours truly in the hot seat.

Interview on NRK2


I recently got news of a really nice small segment from the Youtube Play on Norwegian TV. I am sorry about the quality of the clip, but it was only possible to see it in Norway and it was undownloadable, so this is a live stream from my monitor. I speak about my video and Youtube from around 2:00...