The Chandelier Story


Eva and I live in an awesome old fashioned Berlin apartment with 4 meters to the ceiling and tall wooden doors. Ever since we moved in we wanted to buy a Chandelier for the living room. But those Devils are expensive and even a cheap one would be at least 150 euros, so we never got around to buying one. Then around 2 weeks ago I was on my way to do some good old fashioned grocery shopping as I passed our garbage container and somebody had thrown out an old chandelier. It was pretty worn and all the crystals were hanging in laces, laying around it or missing. Just for the heck of it I picked up the pieces and brought it home with me. We spend the entire evening polishing crystals, dissembling the chandelier and putting it back together. I took all the crystals off and rearranged them and now we have an awesome light source in the middle of the living room. Unfortunately I don't have any before pictures but feast on an after-shot. Now we can go towards darker times heads high. Heck yeah!



I just got back from a week in Barcelona. Untitled BCN celebrated its 2 years birthday and Jess and Xavi invited me back* to take part in their birthday-exhibition. I made a series of sculptures called "The Vovels and F". (They are for sale so give me a shout if interested)

*I exhibited my fluorescent paintings there in january.

 The night before leaving Eva didn't get too much sleep and I hardly any. I had 3 deadlines to finish before leaving and on top of that we were busy on finishing the last of the sculptures for the exhibition. Luckily Eva was a trooper and did most of the preparing work for the sculptures.

Here's a short pictorial making of. Eva looks a bit tired but to her excuse it was around 3 o'clock in the morning:

Some kid drew this fan drawing in the gallery guest book, describing which ones he loves the most. That is just straight out flattering!

While we were in Barcelona, we stayed with Jess, one of the Gallery owners, and her fierce cat Derrek in their cool apartment in Gracia. During our stay they had a street fiesta going on, so all the streets were decorated in the most amazing ways. I normally don't post too many vacation photos on this blog, but the labor these good people put into decorating their respectful streets calls for a bit of sharing. It was so amazing walking the streets at night. Everything is made out of 100% recycling stuff. Old water bottles, boxes etc.


What a trip. And thanks to all the guys in Barcelona for yet another rock'n'roll stray!

P3 Making of... sort of....


Haha, Christina Maria just posted a small making of featurette on youtube. For all you tech nerds out there dont get too exited; it is basically just me, Peter and Christina rambeling through strange situations during the process - and everything in the video took place before the digital process of it. But it features how to build a mountain, an ecological beard and how awkward I am on camera...

Peak performance project - Challenge #1


Before leaving for Barcelona last week I finished up Christina Maria's Promotion clip for the peak performance project. Unfortunately it is suffering on the sound side and would have sparkled through some more editing, but for beeing made in only 3 weeks by me flying solo in my bedroom, It is allrigh. But a few days more would have done wonders. It had to be uploaded and I wont be back in berlin for a few more days - theres sweet life for you...

But go check it out, and blog and pass on. And go vote! It is so important that she gets a ton of hits on this thing so she can win the Peak Performance Project. Details are all in the video!



It has been a rough night. I had 3 deadlines I had to pass before going to Barcelona. My temples are pounding, but I just finished the last one. No need in going to bed now. It is 4 o'clock in the morning and well be leaving for the airport in less than 2 hours.

This is part of what happened here throughout the night. It is an early stage of F from my "The Vowels and F" series I will be exhibiting in Spain over the next couple of weeks.

I will keep you posted when I get home in a week or so...

The Peak... Getting there!


Sunday Morning, 8 o'clock; these are my windows in After Effects and Photoshop at the current time. If all goes well I will finish all graphics (except the arms) of the spot today. Its a long stretch, but with a little luck it'll happen...

Wooow - The Attack Returns!!!


The so far 8'th episode in my bastard baby; The Animation Tag Attack, just hit the internet. Kudos to Scott Benson who completely lifts the project to a whole new level...