ATT Episode 2


Mads Juul Just created Magic pur, with his second episode of our AnimationTagAttack. Damn that is tight. I get all wet in the pants just thinking 'bout what the next episode will bring with Andreas Normand Grøntved as the captain.

This is Mads' episode: (to see an edit of the two first episodes together - or to follow the project - go to the project blog)

Episode 2 from Animation Tag Attack on Vimeo.

Albino Loco

I am currently cutting myself a new showreel, but somehow I strayed from the chosen path today to do this Illustration (which will be crudely animated for the reel). Somehow somewhere i Spain I earned myself the nickname Albino Loco.

Aaaand here is the animation. The classical tv-intro detectives series spoof:

Albino Loco from Christen Bach on Vimeo.

Eva rocking out with my new Elvis sunglasses - with sideburns!


Click for mojo-size

The finished UV-paintings


So finally today I wrapped up the paintings for the forthcoming exhibition (see previous post). It took a bit of trial and error, but I am really happy with the effect of the different layers of paint... Now all there's left is just to pack up and leave for Spain...

Barcelona here I come...


I am leaving for Barcelona on thursday to take part in an exhibition featuring 11 international artists. I am finishing up the last one of the 4 paintings ill be exhibiting right at this moment - Or the first visible layer of the last painting. It'll all make a lot more sense when Im posting the end results in a few days. Ive never been to Barcelona, so if anyone outthere has any pointers it'll be much appreciated. And if you happen to be in Barcelona on the day of opening you should definitely stop by and share a beer...

A Scanner darkly


Today I whipped up a birthday invitation for my girlfriend. While I go to Barcelona next weekend to participate in an exhibition, she'll be going to Holland to celebrate with her family and friends.

And while we had her head in the scanner we switched seats halfway and created this baby. Yes, our children will probably look like this. it is my beard and Eva's helmet hair.

A quick and dirty progress on a painting from yesterday


A quickie from Christen Bach on Vimeo.

Last drawing of 2009!