My sisters rock-on, Århus-based shop + artist/design community "Højkant" is celebrating its 1 year birthday: Hourray. I did them a small framed drawing on the occation.



I recently moved in with my girlfriend to an amazing appt in Berlin. She is pretty awesome, but sometimes I wish that I was all alone to do whatever...

Making of Abbey&Eva's Carry On


About a year ago I did a lecture on my inspirations, workflow, ideologies etc. On that occasion I did a toneless, 6 minute breakdown of the "Carry on video". (Previously shown somewhere here on the blog). I was cleaning out my computer the other day, and stumbled upon it. I was about to throw it out, but decided to take a couple of hours and reedit it to fit the music from the original video. So here's the original video again + the making of Abbey&Eva's Carry On...

Abbey&Eva: Carry On from Christen Bach on Vimeo.

Making of Abbey&Eva's CarryOn from Christen Bach on Vimeo.

A couple of drawings I did in front of the old tv on the new couch...


Covering at the Zozoville


A Monsterous Party (Pt.1) -- Not Now Later from RMRS on Vimeo.

My alterego, Mr. Abbey played a concert at the Zozoville Gallery in Berlin, Friedrichshain last Friday. It was a pretty amazing evening, we all came to celebrate the Kaiser himself; Wolfgang Reimers and his 30 years of living. He filmed a bit during my musical interludes and has honored me with an upload of me doing a cover version of my favorite metal band Todez on an Ukulele...