Superheroes - Loved by women - Feared by men.


These superheroes are dedicated to my amazing buddy Mr. Cav Bøgelund - The most awesome superhero-artist of them all. (exept 'The Lick', which is dedicated to my girlfriend) His collection of heroes on the wall during the production of his movie "Big man" inspired me to do these 3...

Oh, and the "design-a-superhero-competition" at Social Designer. Remember to go there after the 3. of june and cast your vote in my direction. 'The Lick' will enter the battle...

Aquarels done in a complete state of boredom...


Julie Bach 'Ulmedyr'


A short Promoclip for Julie Bachs genious collection of hairbands and broches.

The clip couldnt have been done without the generousity of the good boys at Kaiserbrand.
Hope you njoy.

Julie Bach 'Ulmedyr' from Christen Bach on Vimeo.