LNWC rejected - "TOO DISTURBING" to be shown


A while back I got in the car with all the guys from Scott Benson's amazing project Late Night Work Club - Ghost Stories. And tonight as the only movie in the project we got kicked to the curb due to 'too disturbing content' :(

Cue sentimental Music:
When I think Ghost stories I think about the sleazy horror films of my youth like Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Friday the 13th, Evil Dead etc. Generally I am not a big fan of the macabre, but here we made a decision early on to pay homage to this genre. I haven't felt like doing a provocateur piece like this for a loong time, but I figured that since the theme is ghost stories, we would construct a movie celebrating and referencing these gems from the past - like Freddy visiting your dreams, the wasted youth content of sex and drugs in Friday the 13th, and the 'Tree Scene' from Evil dead etc.

All the other movies look poetic and dreamy. Maybe we went too far?

In my mind the movie is about turning the tables. She is the predator, not him. (She has clearly done it before) Insect mating rituals, fear of commitment, and owning up to your mistakes. (See the Irony here?)
We are inside her head, playing by her rules.

On a personal level I must admit that I find it strangely confusing to be excluded from a project without rules, celebrating full creative freedom, authorship and a flaming lets-just-make-something spirit, because our movie didn't fit in. There were moments in the ATA where I was tempted to edit (out) episodes, due to flow and quality etc. But that would go against the very nature of the project, and these diversities are a big part of the charm and excitement of watching it...

I want to underline that I have immense respect for Scot and all the guys/girls in the project (and women in general). And there are no hard feelings from here. We understand and respect the decision, but are of course bummed out that we were rejected. All the movies look really amazing! I am a huge fan of everyone involved, and it would have been an honor to be seen next to these guys/girls as a part of this project and not the odd one out. Especially because we put in the late hours and banged this baby out in only 4 weeks next to our full time jobs. But lesson learned. Never sing schlager when you are hanging with poets...

Without further ado: LNWC rejected - "TOO DISTURBING" to be shown. Beware it contains mature content!