Happy Birthday Noémi


A few days ago my dear friend Noémi Besedes had her birthday and keeping the tradition in awe I created a small birthday Aquarell for her in the midst of the night. If she seems familiar to some of you it is because she played the stellar role of the Duck in my last Episode of the AtA (That hasn't been published yet, but a ton of photographs from the event has...)

She is Swizz, hence the mountain theme...

Some background WiP


Last night very late I got over a stressfull deadline for a big company. Unfortunately I cant tell you much more about it than that. Not unlike secret agents us creatives also sometimes need to walk the path of secrecy and bear the burden of corporate secrets. I will however post a couple of the backgrounds I did for this particular project. Even though it was a lot of work it was so much fun to do. Everything was kept very rough and for the first time in a very long time I was actually enjoying creating a commercial spot. Maybe I am fooled by my hormones and the spring.

I can tell you this: Projext X is set in a 1940'es filmstudio. Here is a finished background and a background from first sketch to final composite:

Work, some bad news and some pretty awesome news...


These days are just melting together. I get up ridiculously early in the morning and go to bed way past the wee hours all due to a melting pot of projects laying on my table. All of them are so much fun but I must admit that right now I am looking forward to getting some of them pushed off my plate so I can start focusing a little bit again.I will tell you all about it at a later point but right now there is no time to dwell. Must work.

Yesterday I got word that our Animation Tag Attack didn't get selected to Annecy which totally bummed me out. They received a very rough cut of the film and I can totally understand why it didnt get selected, but I would have loved to go, and I totally believe that it deserves exposure on the big festivals. But after spending a day in the studio with the composers for the last episode I am so psyched about the final product that Im sure everything will be alright.
Half an hour after my short term depression over the Annecy selection I received an email from the Vie Network informing me that Bear Untitled got selected by the Director's Guild of America for the very first New York digital short film festival:

"The Festival will be hosted at the prestigious Director's Guild of America Theater in New York City at a World Broadcast Gala Event in March 28th, 2011, with doors opening at 5:45pm. A selection of Chosen Digital Films that display excellence in the progression of the Digital Revolution in filmmaking will be shown for a World Audience LIVE on THEVIENETWORK.com."

Although slain in work I made a poster for my little film this morning. Nothing revolutionary, granted, but then again neither is the graphics of the little flick...