Some work in progress


I heard about how american gold diggers imported lions from Africa to fight bears. The bear would always win because the power of its hit and the fragile scull of the lion. For the heck of it I figured I'd do a couple of paintings of it to kill a bit of time over the holidays.

These are the first couple of steps for the bear painting. All work in progress...


Charcoal on canvas 

Rough paintup

Merry Christmas...


Exhibition @ Strychnin gallery, Berlin


Completely forgot to post this. I am currently a part of a group show curated by Christian Rotenhagen at Strychnin Gallery, Berlin. Go check it out, Ive got a dinosaur there smashing up a city... (a painting - not an actual one)

Live drawing...


Just wanted to share a couple of live drawings from the fall...

Late Night Work Club

In the midst of the Animation Tag Attack, a new train has left the station. This time with the ever so talented Scott Benson as the driving force. It is a monster of darkness called Late Night Work Club. More on that on Scott's homepage HERE!

And I'm back in the studio with Henrik Sjoerslev to do some horror soundtracking and a bit of poppy bits on the side, but stay tuned for more info to come...

First quick doodle for LNWC