Animation Tag Attack Episode 11


Now we finally got Episode 11 of the ATA up and running. It is made by Francesco Giroldini & Brendan Carroll, both currently working at Dreamworks, and is an orchestrated piece of violence and humor with the title: The Attack of the BearDuck.

As always you can read all about the project and see all the episodes in their entirety on the project blog:

I am currently in full production with the last episode of this Bastard Baby which will be online in about 4 weeks, so stay tuned it will be epic:

Picture courtesy of Peter Ruschel

Postcard from Las Vegas


From Vegas with love

Christen & Henrik

Las Vegas, 2011


I held a talk for the 24/7 creative, Visual Life, today at the Marquee Nightclub sponsored by Intel & HP, arranged by the David All Group. It was a rocking evening only leaving me with a ton of questions: Why wont the Lavo allow man-bags? Where is the Las Veags machine gun shooting range? And how the hell do you remove glitter from a suit.

Hers a couple of clips I made for the event:

Intro 24/7 Las Vegas from Christen Bach on Vimeo.

Test, Las Vegas 2010 from Christen Bach on Vimeo.

We will always have Vegas!



I am leaving for Las Vegas tomorrow to give a speech at the CES for HP & Intels 24/7 creative. I am really exited. There will be music and haunting clips from my past, and a big bulk about the AtA and Guggenheim, Its gonna ROCK. Thanks to the cats at the David All group for letting all this happen! I have a few more hours of prepping to do and then to bed...