wall of fame


This weekend I have been hanging out with my good friend Henrik Sjørslev from the Rudderless Symphonies and his beautiful girlfriend (and one of the absolute best designers I know) Vibeke Valeur. They  had just begun the constructon of a mural with sketches from frequent visiters in their good home. So saturday evening while Henrik and I were treating ourselves to some red whine and waiting for our AMAZING carrot cake to finish its stay in the oven, I created this freak of a drawing. It is supposed to go up in the room where Henrik's home studio is located hence the theme of the scribble. Sorry about the quality of the drawing, but I didnt have any of my normal gadgets at hand... And I was slightly distracted by cake...

Souvenirs from Earth


Just a small shout-out to you good people in Germany and France who has cable: From May 20, 2009 my video, "Abbey&Eva; Carry On", will be on circulation on Souvenirs from Earth - the first TV Station broadcasting a nonstop program of high quality Film and Video Art on the European Cable Network.

Hats off to Alec Crichton at SfE for making this happen.

ATT episode 5


Uhhh. The newest episode of the Animation Tag Attack just hit the web. Made by Oren Mashkovski out of Tel Aviv, Israel. On the same note I am very exited that Maxwell A. Oginni and Ewen Stenhouse from Angry Natives just signed up to do the next 2 episodes. Stay tuned that is definitely going to rock some boats.

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