Update and the female upper lip...


Finally there is 5 seconds of breathing room in these hectic days. Im off to Copenhagen tomorrow to lay the finishing touches on Karla Bengtsons "Tigre og Tattoveringer" and I have spend the past 4 weeks doing 5 crazy projects simultaneously. This is actually the first day in a loooong time where I have the sensation that I don't have to do anything. And I am freshly rested after a good 15 hours of sleep last night.

A part from exhausting it has been a good couple of months though. Ive been doing a few projects with the good people from Kaiserbrand and has been in and out of Copenhagen to do some things at Copenhagen Bombay + several smaller illustration and animation assignments.

That is the update work wise so far since my last post.

Yesterday I had the immense pleasure of shooting the raw footage for a small promotional clip for Christina Maria. She is currently in the top 20 of a big Canadian music contest called the Peak Performance Project and the runner up to win 105.000 candian $. As a part of the PPP she has to deliver a small clip telling the world about the project, and to go vote (go vote!). It was quite a hectic 24 hrs. I went to see her friday evening at 11 pm to figure out an idea, and at 10 am Saturday morning we hooked up at Studio Kaiserbrand to shoot the greenscreen footage and the models etc for it. I am a bit anxious to start editing and assembling because of the lack of planning though. That will punish me later I am sure, but we had a blast of a day. The following pictures are Christina honing a mustache - and the Female mustache kit making it all possible...

I will post a little bit of a making of when I get a bit further into the project - but until then enjoy the sexual attraction of the female mustache...

More cats!


Flying cats...


I promised sweet Louise to design her a flying cat propelled by balloons. These are the layouts. They'll be colored later. #2 is my personal favorite! Click picture for bigger cats.

The Animation Tag Attack Episode 6


Is there any better way to celebrate my post #100 than with the newest episode of my bastard project "tATT". This time delivered by Maxwell A. Oginni out of London, and the episode is nothing less than a beauty tying some of the loose threads together and letting some of the freaks from the past bump into each other... Cant wait for the next one to hit my screen, made by Ewen Stenhouse. But first episode 6 just one more time..

ATA - Episode 6 from Animation Tag Attack on Vimeo.

Benjamin AggerBæk


First of all I want to apologize to all you good people who has been tuning into the blog for the past month. I've spend the past month in Copenhagen being supervising compositor on a half-length feature for children called Tigre og Tatoveringer, and between work and seeing old friends there has been very little time to finish anything, yet alone keeping the blog up to date, But now I'm back in good old Berlin and ready to make things happen.

While I was in Copenhagen I took some afternoons with old friends to do a couple of live videos like the one I did with Christina Maria a few months back. The first one is with Benjamin Aggerbæk, one of my old friends from when I was a regular on the singer/songwriter circuit in Copenhagen. Benjamin is the King of the Copenhagen s/s-scene. He is an amazing jazz-crooner and a heck of a nice guy. And If you're into jazzy poppy tunes with awesome musicians, I would definitely recommend getting hold of one of his two CD's, they are both worth plenty a listen.

The video is shot at "Huset ved Kongens Have" in Copenhagen. Unfortunately a few of the shots are suffering from low lighting conditions, my fault entirely. This series is meant as an exercise for me as a photographer and live footage editor, but luckily Benjamin completely saves the clip with his rock steady velvet performance. Ladies and gentlemen: Benjamin Aggerbæk, "Be Together, Apart"...