My Favorite Scarf. YUEAH BABY!


My amazing sister
gave me the first edition from her new scarf-winter-collection for Christmas. I just #¤%& love it..!

Designed by Julie Bach & Knit design by Jeppe Worning
Those cats are fucking awesome.



Eva and I wish y'all a merry merry Christmas and a happy new year. From Berlin with love.

Eva & Christen's christmas card - Berlin 2009 from Christen Bach on Vimeo.



I completely forgot to blog this. This week is the week of the World Climate Conference in Copenhagen. And a few months back, the fair city of Cph and the Copenhagen Metro hired me to do a clip about the climate to run in the metro stations during the conference. It is basically a small viral to highlight their homepage

It HAD to be set on a metro station which was quite a headache in the beginning, since it is a confined space without any climate changes at all - and I wasn't allowed to introduce water nor fire in case of freaking out the underground passengers...

WCC, viral 02 from Christen Bach on Vimeo.

A spread from the sketchbook




I just returned from a weekend with my girlfriends family in Holland to celebrate Sinterklaas, an old tradition that a lot of our modern Christmas traditions are based upon. To boil it down; it is a tradition where Sinterklaas arrives by boat from Spain with his little black helper Schwarte Piet to give presents to the good children and the bad kids gets a good old fashioned beating with a stick.

It was a lot of fun actually. There are some really great traditions tied to it. For instance: You dont giftwrap your presents in plain packages. You build the present into a papermache sculpture that somehow represents the person who is to receive it. Together with the present you write the receiver a mocking poem from Piet and Sinterklaas. I dont want to bore you with a lot of family pictures here. Ill only show a few of the highlights. And for the note: It was mindblowing to see how creative people were, and for all people who claim that they aren't creative at all. I will never be able to show them anything i did ever again...

I did a replica of Eva's dad in papermache + a painting of him for his new hair salon.

Evas Dad on the other hand made a pretty cool replica of Nemo for Evas sister, Serah (who at the time is working at a fish-store)

Serah made me an awesome surprise - a remake of one of my paintings - The fox from "I cant play anymore lovesongs". She has been working on it for 6 weeks, and it turned out pretty darn cool. Oh, and apparently goo is supposed to be a part of the presents...

Eva's little sisters boyfriend, Remco, made a HLM plane for Evas other sister (Loneke) out of old soda-bottles... She is working at KLM and is bearing a child who at the moment only is known as Hankie. Thereby the H. - Heres the disassembling of the whole thing...

Happt sint y'all

Animation Tag Attack; Episode 1


Animation Tag Attack from Christen Bach on Vimeo.

Hourray. I just finished the first 24 seconds of the Animation Tag Attack. The kickoff! It is meant to be a collaboration between a series of directors/animators/storytellers. Its a project that I've started with - and owes much respect to - the amazing Mads Juul and Andreas Normand Grøntved. But go to the project blog, and read all about it. If you should be compelled to participate please send me an email.