This rig was made for walking...


I spend a great deal of yesterday with tracking marks on my face to see if I could recreate a 3D effect using only 2D layers and the After effects Puppet Tool. I will post more on that later.

Then about an hour ago I stumbled across BioMotionLab's walk simulator. And just for the heck of it, I took one of my previously made stop-motion characters and rigged it to trace the joints of the Biomotionwalk dummy. This is the result of about 20 minutes of work. Pretty quick and dirty, but I think especially the torso takes well to the small 3d twists of the BMW-rig. And now if you'll excuse me, I have a Halloween party to attend to...

The wood I found and the eyes I drew...


I am happy here at home...


Christmascard illustrations for


Cuts&Cocktails @ Five Monkeys


A poster illustration I did for the guys at Five Monkeys. They were a bit sad that Eva from Cuts&Cocktails didn't feature their logo on her flyers.

Bonne Fête Virginie et Rachel...


Character designs WCC2


I just wrapped up a long day of finishing the character designs for the WCC clip and hooking them up with a complex rig in after effects. They are an updated version of the Cavemen I created for a series of Breakers for a theme evening on Tattoos. I have been wanting to do more with them for a while now - and there aint no time like the present.



Currently on my quest to complete a 45 seconds clip containing Copenhagen Metro and environment by next thursday. I just finished the first of the backgrounds. I was about to use the last one posted, but it became to clinical for me and the nature of the clip. So here's the background that I eventually will end up using... On to character designs...

Copenhagen Metro


I am currently working on a small viral spot for Københavns Kommune og Metro Selskabet to put focus on their homepage for the Climate Conference in Copenhagen 6. - 18. December 2009. Sign up and join the climate debate.
I was in Copenhagen last weekend to shoot some tests for the clip, but quickly realized that shooting liveaction in the Cph Metro is hell because everything is made out of glass. So I've decided to rebuild everything myself. This is an initial test of a metro background...