Heavy Heads


I have been away from the blog for quite a while now due to a series of crazy work incidents - amongst them the very last Episode of the Animation Tag Attack + all the producer work it apparently takes to get a bird like this of the ground. But what a ride! And on top of it all a series of commercial gigs I unfortunately cant share with any of you at the time being due to signed papers and corporate secrecy.

Next to this hectic work schedule, these past 1,5 weeks featured the Berlin International Film Festival - and I am so tired after spending all my nights hobnobbing and my days working/watching movies that Im close to falling apart right now, but inside my heart is breaking - My make-up may be flaking - But my smile still stays on... To quote the good FM.

There are two reasons for this Festival madness:
1) I did the compositing on the amazing Helena Frank's Heavy heads. A dark comedy about loneliness.
2) My good friend Esben Toft Jacobsen had his feature film debut, The Great Bear, premiering on the festival. An animated fairytale about the friendship between two kids and a giant bear... + Andreas Normand grøntved who did Episode 3 of the ATA did the production design on the movie and my good friend Petter Lindblad produced it. And since they were all in the city there were no rest for the wicked.

I must be frank and admit that I was a bit skeptic after seeing the trailer for TGB, but it is so well told and the universe is so well rounded that you totally forgive and forget the minor flaws that a 2 million Euro 3d production is almost bound to have and just enjoy the great story. Heck I was entertained!

And now enjoy the trailer for Helena Frank's Heavy heads...