Graphic Novel


Ive been hired to do a graphic piece for a short story in Idyll Wilde's "The Luci.a Variations". The Sketches are done and now I'm starting the inking. I did two testpanels today. And here they are for you to take in. Unfortunately scanning and Aquarell-paper seems to be a mismatch so Ill probably end up photographing the entire thing...


The Book of Cousins


I have the coolest cousin in the world. He is called Lucas and he is 9 years old. Up until a couple of years ago, his favorite past time was to explore the forest and dig holes and poke dead animals with a stick. You know; boys stuff.

Then one Christmas day. I showed him a bunch of my oddball movies. Stuff like Johnny Velour and the Spiders. Mind you he is 6 years old at the time. And ever since then he has been addicted to drawing. So now we've made a book that we can fill with random stuff and send back and forth. I just got it back. And found a pretty cool comic i did a few months back.

And this. How crazy is it that my 9 y.o. cousin has made a perfect drawing of Hunter S Thompson waiting for the bus..?



Remember the 24'th of March? It was the day of days; The day I posted a little blue car. And this post, my dear friend, is the sequel.

The 24th I was bored out of my skull, so I decided to animate a poem my sister, Bulie Jach, wrote in year 2k. Yes, she was 20 and it is 10 years ago, but somehow, I cant seem to shake it. So here it is: The Movie to the words. It took me 2 workdays = around 16 hours to make it from scratch to finish and it is meant as a small stupid experiment inspired by Andreas Normand Grøntved's latest entry to the Animation Tag attack.

If I should redo it - the two first shots would contain the dark as well, but I have moved on, so let it rest in peace for now...

It is in danish, but the rough translation goes like this:


Cars are driving
Small cars - big cars - are driving
Out into the world...
Do they have the scent
of something over ground, underground?
Or are cars just driving to drive
exactly where the people want to go..?
Or are cars just driving to drive
exactly where the cars want to go..?

Be there or be Bear..!


It's gonna be an awesome evening this goodfriday. I'm playing a double bill with Christina Maria at the Arcanoa here in Berlin. The music and the people are going to be awesome. The only downside is the slowest bartender in the world. I am serious... the... slowest. But what the fuck. We will hook you up, and get you high on life..!



I took an hour this morning to build myself the finest car in 3d... Though this gif might as well just have been created in Photoshop alone. But who knows - maybe it comes in handy over the next couple of days...

The showreel Archive


It just reached my ear that Jaques Alomo over at The Showreel Archive is featuring my 2010 reel on his site. Thank you good sir! If you need inspiration in this gray day and age it is definitely a site worth checking out!

Graphic update...


I just took 15 minutes to update the look of the Animation Tag Attack blog now the ball is rolling. The old blog-design was just a placeholder and plain ugly. The new design is a graphic mashup between the 3 first episodes:



Christina Maria - Femme Fatale...


I met this crazy roller-coaster of a Swiss/Canadian/Singer/Songwriter/Girl about a month ago while playing an open stage at Schokoladen. On top of being borderline nuts, she is just one of those performers you can't help to fall a little bit in love with every time she's on stage. She is just that good.

On the same note (Now that I have indulged myself in this shameless act of promotion); If you have $6.93 to spare you should check out her new CD! - it's definitely worth the Ka-Chiiing!

Enough of this hyping star-seeds.

About a week ago I hooked up with Christina Maria (The girl previously mentioned) to eat doughnuts and make the first of a series of small live-music tests with my HV30 camcorder. It is basically an exercise in filming/recording live-music on scene. I was devastated as I got home only to discover just how messy my camerawork really is. So bare with me; I am by all means no great Documentarist. I am used to highly planned shots, but hopefully It will only get better with each new experiment.

BUT it was so much fun to do - and nice to do a very quick little project that didn't involve any kind of animation or SFX for a change....

Introducing Christina Maria; Travel Back in time (Live)

Der Kaiser


Yesterday I hooked up with my good friend Wolfgang Reimers, King and Kaiser of the Berlin based Studio Kaiserbrand, to take a few pictures for the Animators Mustache Society. Wolf is a cool cat and stuck in a time where men were men and a fistfight was an honor. These are just a couple of the pictures I took yesterday before we went to an opening at the Intoxicated Demons Gallery - and what an evening that was!

The Animation Tag Attack Episode 3


Fucking Aye. Every month I am tapdancing of joy with each new episode of the Animation Tag attack - A play around project that I've created together with Mads Juul and Andreas Normand Grøntved, and that I am hosting over on the ATT-blog.

Andreas just delivered his episode a few hours ago and damn that shit is beautiful!!! The curve is just going up for each episode. Not only is it really well animated, but I just love his style and comping as well... Thumbs up my good man.

The storyline is still somewhat fucked, but hopefully, hopefully Ned Wenlock, next months participant from New Zealand will turn that around for us. But for now im just flabbergasted and struck with awe by what has been made so far...

Andreas Normand Grøntved, digital animation;

And the 3 episodes in a continuous stream of consciousness:

ATT_Episode 1-3 from Animation Tag Attack on Vimeo.