My homepage... Well... eh...


Ever since February I've had a Online-Soon sign up on my homepage stating that first of April 2009 a new and glorious site would emerge from the ashes of the old one and bedazzle the world with its glory. Ever since April nothing has happened (and yes completely and utterly my fault). So for months now I've felt like one of those doomsday prophets who spend every day stating that tomorrow the world will come to a horrible end.

But enough. Now I've put up a new temporary sign without a date signature. Oh behold the relief...



I just send in an application for some sweet free tickets for a special screening of Pixar’s “Up” following a Q&A with director Pete Docter and producer Jonas Rivera. Unfortunately I think it will be screened in German with the mindboggeling title "Oben". But in sweet 3D. If you happen to be in the city and dont mind the linguistic barriere, go for it...
Info can be found HERE!

The Mushrooms of Death


Each year around this time in my parents garden abnourmously huge mushrooms pop out of the ground.

And each year I have an urge to carve them into skulls... They have the perfect size and form + colour for it. Unfortunately fungus is a bitch to carve. But again this year I took the consequence of my urge and sat down with a knife and a bit of tongue-in-cheek patience and stylized the garden-area a bit.

...Btw. They are not as poisonous as they look. My mom served them to a horrified family last year, and most of us survived to tell the tale.



I am currently on a tiny tour de Westcoast of Denmark with my parents and my sister. We took a halt at the international sandsculpture exhibition in Søndervig. In the aftermath of it all I took 15 minutes to build myself a hand of the finest sandsculptorsand...