Support the cause!!!


I recently made this small viral clip on Global Warming for World Climate Community. Unfortunately there was no economics involved and it is made in a matter of a couple of days, so bare with the SFX part. If you like it - please rate it and pass it on to ALL of your friends...

The more hits the better awarenes of World Climate Community = better environment = we all win... HOURRAY

And wait for the next Viral... It will blow your mind.

Oh and I almost forgot. Send a lot of love and admiration to Alexa Anasuya and Christoph Drobig, the two amazing actors that agreed upon spending a day with me and Eva Kamsteeg (Hair and makeup) to do this clip. They are amazing...

And of course the good people at Kaiserbrand who let me spend the nights on their machinery, because my own was clogged away somewhere in Copenhagen.

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