Christina Maria - Femme Fatale...


I met this crazy roller-coaster of a Swiss/Canadian/Singer/Songwriter/Girl about a month ago while playing an open stage at Schokoladen. On top of being borderline nuts, she is just one of those performers you can't help to fall a little bit in love with every time she's on stage. She is just that good.

On the same note (Now that I have indulged myself in this shameless act of promotion); If you have $6.93 to spare you should check out her new CD! - it's definitely worth the Ka-Chiiing!

Enough of this hyping star-seeds.

About a week ago I hooked up with Christina Maria (The girl previously mentioned) to eat doughnuts and make the first of a series of small live-music tests with my HV30 camcorder. It is basically an exercise in filming/recording live-music on scene. I was devastated as I got home only to discover just how messy my camerawork really is. So bare with me; I am by all means no great Documentarist. I am used to highly planned shots, but hopefully It will only get better with each new experiment.

BUT it was so much fun to do - and nice to do a very quick little project that didn't involve any kind of animation or SFX for a change....

Introducing Christina Maria; Travel Back in time (Live)

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