AH - Summer at last.


What a day today! Even though I was beaten and battered by a great Jam Party yesterday containing superb musicians, far to much beer and an evil willed bottle of Jägermeister, I still managed to get out of bed to profit from the late afternoon. It was the first REAL summers day. One of those days where you can bike around wearing nothing but your good mood. I ended up sitting under a tree by the Spree and doodeling in my book. Afterward I stopped by the crazy Open Air Karaoke in Mauerpark, and now I am off to the El Hamra Open Stage together with Eva Adore, Peter Ploch & Christina Maria. It Doesn't get any better than that!

A one hour sketch I ended up doing of the Berliner Dom

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Mads Juul said...

Ahhhhh - Sounds great. Now I got some summer too.thank you. I think we had Our 3.rd day of spring . in copenhagen. Summer still waiting.