I spend the entire Saturday with my favorite veterinarian at Copenhagen Zoo. Her name is Michelle and she is currently writing her thesis on how turtles reacts to anesthesia. So she has spend 3 months in a dark room putting almost asleep creatures to sleep and afterward ultrasound scanning them to see how the heart etc reacts to the drug + dosage she has been giving them. It was pretty awesome. She knows a load about animals and I got to pet a sloth and hold a salmonella infested gecko. After Michelle left for home and her awaiting thesis I spend the evening wandering about the zoo scribbling in my sketchbook... What a day!


Jeff Cook said...

Great drawings Christen!
Are they pen on paper, very cool since I can't see the construction and you have drawn the animals proportionately accurate... in a stylized way.

Is that a to-do list of animals crossed out on the lower left?

Christen said...

Hey Jeff...

Yeah they're Just really quick pen sketches. My sketchbook doubles as a diary as well, so the crossed out "list" in the bottom is just me rambling on about hanging out with my favorite veterinarian.