Katy Gunn - My new found superhero!


Upon returning from Quebec, Canada I spend 24 hours in NY without being caught up in the Youtube Play exhibition before returning to Europe. In this layover I hung out with a bunch of cool people counting Monica Cook & Sean Metelerkamp amongst others.

But my favorite encounter of the 24 hrs was undoubtedly the amazing Katy Gunn with whom I spend the entire night debating men as predators and women as prey, superpowers, what makes a good cocktail & how hats smell. She is one of those few people I feel like I have known for years even though my only previous encounter with her was a brief conversation after one of her concerts in Copenhagen about a month ago...

Apart from being my newest old friend she is also a stellar musician and a wonder of a girl radiating a strange magnetic mix of PJ Harvey & Jesca Hoop. Her new album will be out shortly, and I cant emphasize enough how good she is live. So if you have the chance forget about anniversaries, life threatening  illness, heartbreak & favorite tv. Go see her!

This is a poor substitute for reality but nevertheless

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