My little book of buisness.


Before my trip to New york I ran out of business cards (Or at least nice ones). I didn't have time to get new ones printed, so upon leaving I borrowed a saw from one of my friends and sawed up a small sketchbook in 3 parts - So all along the trip I basically produced business cards on the fly every time I had a moment to spare. Most of them were just silly random stuff that came to mind, but everyone took such a pleasure in picking out the exact right one for them. And I've never felt so much gratitude from giving out business cards as with this little booklet. Each card is a small personal piece of art, I guess.

My sister is part of an amazing store called Højkant back in Denmark (Århus), where they sell amazing handmade art & design. I have had a few prints for sale there over the times, but with inspiration in the business card book I recently sat down and created a series of aquarells based on my favorite motives on the cards... Here are a few. If you are interested in purchasing one of the original drawings, please get in contact with either me or one of the good girls in Højkant. Christmas is around the corner, and there are some nice motives amongst them for your loved ones.

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Amy said...

Hey Christen! Not sure if you remember me or not but Eva cut my hair in Berlin a few times (the Aussie tour guide who LOVES your paintings!) I've got your painting of the man with the fishbowl here beside my bed and oh so often people see your business card in the clear plastic window of my wallet "I shaved my chest for you"!! Just wanted to let you know I adore both pieces and can't wait to come back to Betlin this summer for a) another haircut and b) some more beautiful artwork!!