Wrapping up the Animation Tag Attack


We have been at it for around 1,5 years now, and now finally we are closing in on the finish line. If all goes well all imagery will be done by the end of this week and the sound will follow shortly after. We will screen it as a sneak peak at this years Webcuts.11 where we are nominated in the category best online collaborative project. On top of that Bear Untitled is going up against  Brendan Carroll & Francesco Giroldini's "the Monk and The Monkey" in the Webcuts Classics category. For you non die hard fans of The ATA, I can reveal that they are the Dreamworks legion who created Episode 11 of our bastard baby.
I will be giving a speech about the project on the first of June as a part of the festival, so if you're in Berlin and aint got no idea what to go and do - stop by for a chat.

Ive been tinkering a bit with the footage of course in order to do the final edits and Ive been painfully aware for a while now that the hookup between Brendan and Francesco's Episode 11 and our E12 didnt work, so finally this weekend I sat down and tinkered up an 8 second bridge of mr Umbrella flying. Now theres only a short stopmotion shot, a bit of grading and the end credits left, and the final sound mixes... Cant wait to have it all finished - and to see it on the big screen...

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