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These past 8 months has been so extremely crazy both work wise, career wise and personally and a TON of stuff has happened. I flipped through my sketchbooks this morning, and it is seriously mind blowing how much has happened in this very short stretch of time. I am truly grateful to all the cats who has made a ton of this happen like the good David All & Bennett Richardson from the David All Group, Rob Rollinger & Johan Koning at Intel, all the guys and girls from the Animation Tag attack and a ton of people more.

And on to that list goes Lindsay Scoggins as well. I met Lindsay during the Guggenheim Mayhem last year. She is a really cool redhead/mashup video artist. She was there with her Wonderland Mafia video, mashing hardcore hip hop with Disney's Alice in Wonderland - and we hit it of immediately (We met at the airport as I landed), and just hung out chillin' during that short week in NYC.

During that week she got a lot of hype on the back of her video (and rightfully so) and got snatched up by the owner of the Royal T Galleri in Culver city, LA, where she got hired to make a promo video for the gallery and curate an exhibition starting on July 7th (next week). And I am really honored to have been asked to be a part of the exhibition alongside artists like Takashi Murakami, Jeff Koons, KAWS, Yoko Ono & Yoshitomo Nara and the list goes on...

The Exhibition is entitled "pARTy Animals" and is a celebration of the Animal kingdom.
For the exhibition I have created 2 of my UV paintings entitled "Anatomy of a Party Animal", playing with the notion of life and death, fragility, animal instincts and the joy of living.

And here's a quick video portrait of the UV layers:

I am leaving for LA on monday if all goes well, to take part in the opening. Cant wait to get away from the computer and out into the real world. I have been stuck here for months now. and yes: Im going to the party...

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