Admerica Infomercial...


Over Christmas I finished up a small company presentation / infomercial for Admerica... My initial plan was to make a time travel from the 1920'es to the 1980'es american graphics. I actually liked my original idea a lot and was a bit disappointed that the client shot it down. But we agreed on staying in the 1960'es poppy style...

Unfortunately I never received the final speak (only a temp track), so the timing of the animation is somewhat off - and Im not too happy with the intro. The 1920es Art Deco intro had way more character and a way better flow in the animation. But the client was happy and that is what counts.

Heres a bunch of inspirationals, slates and scribbles I did for the Project - And of course the final thing:

Quick and dirties - color mockups

Original design ideas

Moodboards and final slates

Final thing


Anonymous said...

wow, vraiment bon travail!!! Semble que Bear untitle ouvre plusieurs portes!!!

... MaX said...

Great Job here Christen! Nice retro feel.