Caught by the Urban Hunter


My dear friend, artist and photographer David Josef Tamargo honored me this morning by hanging my portrait in his online gallery. It is taken during my last stay with him and Lindsay Scoggins in LA while we set up for the Party Animals exhibition last summer at the Royal/T - after a good night out as I remember..

The picture is taken in the lobby of the Culver City Hotel where we stayed during the week. It is an old fashioned piece of Hollywood history that place.

I found this paragraph in an article on the Guardian which sums it up pretty well...

"During filming, Judy Garland and Wizard of Oz producer Mervyn Le Roy commented on "dwarf sex parties" and "orgies and drunkenness" among the munchkin actors. Well, what else were they supposed to do? The small people, billeted separately from the other performers, were under de facto house arrest in their Culver City hotel. They were taken from there directly on to the studio set, and then taken straight back. The actors have since claimed, in accounts of that period and biographies, to have been paid far less than the other actors, even less than the dog playing Toto."

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