Remember the 24'th of March? It was the day of days; The day I posted a little blue car. And this post, my dear friend, is the sequel.

The 24th I was bored out of my skull, so I decided to animate a poem my sister, Bulie Jach, wrote in year 2k. Yes, she was 20 and it is 10 years ago, but somehow, I cant seem to shake it. So here it is: The Movie to the words. It took me 2 workdays = around 16 hours to make it from scratch to finish and it is meant as a small stupid experiment inspired by Andreas Normand Grøntved's latest entry to the Animation Tag attack.

If I should redo it - the two first shots would contain the dark as well, but I have moved on, so let it rest in peace for now...

It is in danish, but the rough translation goes like this:


Cars are driving
Small cars - big cars - are driving
Out into the world...
Do they have the scent
of something over ground, underground?
Or are cars just driving to drive
exactly where the people want to go..?
Or are cars just driving to drive
exactly where the cars want to go..?

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