The Book of Cousins


I have the coolest cousin in the world. He is called Lucas and he is 9 years old. Up until a couple of years ago, his favorite past time was to explore the forest and dig holes and poke dead animals with a stick. You know; boys stuff.

Then one Christmas day. I showed him a bunch of my oddball movies. Stuff like Johnny Velour and the Spiders. Mind you he is 6 years old at the time. And ever since then he has been addicted to drawing. So now we've made a book that we can fill with random stuff and send back and forth. I just got it back. And found a pretty cool comic i did a few months back.

And this. How crazy is it that my 9 y.o. cousin has made a perfect drawing of Hunter S Thompson waiting for the bus..?


Lone Rose said...

hehehe den er go! Og fed tegning din faetter han lavet!

Christen said...

Yeah. Han er mega sej. Lille Lucky Lucas...