GraphicsGale Ver. 1.93.12


Last week I got an urge to do some pixel animations and I downloaded a small freeware program called GraphicsGale - I've spend the past few days playing around with it, and it is so much fun. Main part of that is the fact that the limited resolution leaves you with a way faster and more intuitive work flow. And limited animation has an old school feel to them - which further reduces your time schedule. because of the primitive state of the program I do miss some tools from time to time, but for now Im just a fat boy in candyland.

Ive already finished one 1,5 minute short and Im playing around with another one right now. The first one is in Odense, Denmark with my good friend Henrik Sjørslev to get a sweet layer of 8 bit sound added. I will post that during next week. Stay tuned.

I just spend the past 2 hours doodling while watching ultimate fighting. These are a few of the endeavors.

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