Oh, glorious Cartoon Brew


It just came to my attention that Cartoon Brew  blogged the Animation Tag Attack yesterday. How awesome is that? Calling our work "remarkably fresh and sophisticated" on top. Don't just sit around go check it out!

UPDATE: It seems the coverage of our little pet project is picking up. Several smaller blogs are starting to blog us and some bigger fish are joining in as well. As for instance the all-knowing Dekku over at noFatClips, Ehrensenf online tv (from 1:08) - even Norwegian radio P3 did a small featurette on us.

I must admit that I am extremely happy with this much positive press after just 4 episodes + there is a growing interest from some really skilled people to be part of the project. Hourray for the internet! Imagine having done this back in the era of the videocasette...

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Max said...

HURRAY for the internet indeed man! There's no end to the possibilities! Well done for getting this out there Christen. Great stuff.

Let's make some pure 'just for the love of it' Art!

ooooOH yeeeaa