Benjamin AggerBæk


First of all I want to apologize to all you good people who has been tuning into the blog for the past month. I've spend the past month in Copenhagen being supervising compositor on a half-length feature for children called Tigre og Tatoveringer, and between work and seeing old friends there has been very little time to finish anything, yet alone keeping the blog up to date, But now I'm back in good old Berlin and ready to make things happen.

While I was in Copenhagen I took some afternoons with old friends to do a couple of live videos like the one I did with Christina Maria a few months back. The first one is with Benjamin Aggerbæk, one of my old friends from when I was a regular on the singer/songwriter circuit in Copenhagen. Benjamin is the King of the Copenhagen s/s-scene. He is an amazing jazz-crooner and a heck of a nice guy. And If you're into jazzy poppy tunes with awesome musicians, I would definitely recommend getting hold of one of his two CD's, they are both worth plenty a listen.

The video is shot at "Huset ved Kongens Have" in Copenhagen. Unfortunately a few of the shots are suffering from low lighting conditions, my fault entirely. This series is meant as an exercise for me as a photographer and live footage editor, but luckily Benjamin completely saves the clip with his rock steady velvet performance. Ladies and gentlemen: Benjamin Aggerbæk, "Be Together, Apart"...

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