I just got back from a week in Barcelona. Untitled BCN celebrated its 2 years birthday and Jess and Xavi invited me back* to take part in their birthday-exhibition. I made a series of sculptures called "The Vovels and F". (They are for sale so give me a shout if interested)

*I exhibited my fluorescent paintings there in january.

 The night before leaving Eva didn't get too much sleep and I hardly any. I had 3 deadlines to finish before leaving and on top of that we were busy on finishing the last of the sculptures for the exhibition. Luckily Eva was a trooper and did most of the preparing work for the sculptures.

Here's a short pictorial making of. Eva looks a bit tired but to her excuse it was around 3 o'clock in the morning:

Some kid drew this fan drawing in the gallery guest book, describing which ones he loves the most. That is just straight out flattering!

While we were in Barcelona, we stayed with Jess, one of the Gallery owners, and her fierce cat Derrek in their cool apartment in Gracia. During our stay they had a street fiesta going on, so all the streets were decorated in the most amazing ways. I normally don't post too many vacation photos on this blog, but the labor these good people put into decorating their respectful streets calls for a bit of sharing. It was so amazing walking the streets at night. Everything is made out of 100% recycling stuff. Old water bottles, boxes etc.


What a trip. And thanks to all the guys in Barcelona for yet another rock'n'roll stray!

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