The Chandelier Story


Eva and I live in an awesome old fashioned Berlin apartment with 4 meters to the ceiling and tall wooden doors. Ever since we moved in we wanted to buy a Chandelier for the living room. But those Devils are expensive and even a cheap one would be at least 150 euros, so we never got around to buying one. Then around 2 weeks ago I was on my way to do some good old fashioned grocery shopping as I passed our garbage container and somebody had thrown out an old chandelier. It was pretty worn and all the crystals were hanging in laces, laying around it or missing. Just for the heck of it I picked up the pieces and brought it home with me. We spend the entire evening polishing crystals, dissembling the chandelier and putting it back together. I took all the crystals off and rearranged them and now we have an awesome light source in the middle of the living room. Unfortunately I don't have any before pictures but feast on an after-shot. Now we can go towards darker times heads high. Heck yeah!

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