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This is a shoutout to EVERYBODY. Those of you that follows my blog have gotten to know Christina Maria a little bit, and as some of you may know she is one of the last men standing in a big Canadian music competition called the Peak Performance Project.

She is up for winning 105.000,00 Canadian $ - Which would mean a big kick to her career. But she cant do it alone - It would mean 20 seconds of your life, but the world to her if you would go to http://peakperformanceproject.com/vote/ and vote for her.

If you are yet unfamiliar with CM you can check out her page:


Or one of the videos I made for her:

-This is a live clip of her playing "Travel back in time" last spring.

-And here she explains what the PPP is all about.

On top of supporting CM in her quest for fame and fortune (which is much deserved, I don't know many artists that are working so hard for their goals as her) There is also an added bonus for me. Ill let CM tell her by herself: Go here and check 6:10 - 6:25!

Just VOTE!

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