Rosto AD / The monster of nix


My mentor and good friend Rosto has been hatching his tale for kids all ages for quite a while now. I remember hanging out at Studio Rosto AD back in 2006 sketching on the Virgil Bird Character and singing all the numbers backwards from a 100 to 0 for the storyboards and now it is finally out. The film had its world premiere at Annecy Animated Film Festival this year and hits the festival screens this summer. I haven't seen it yet, but knowing Rosto Im sure it is going to be Amazing. I worked with him on his Jona/Tomberry back in 2004/05 and he is such an inspiring surplus of creativity and inspiration and a master of his craft. That is probably also why talents like Tom Waits, Terry Gilliam and the Residents signed on to play along on the project. Have a look at the teaser and judge for yourself. Cant wait to see it...

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