Ill take all of you on in a heartbeat!!!


Yesterday a really weird notion struck me: What would happen if I meet everyone of my friends in a one-on-one cagefight? Who would I beat, and who would beat me? The funny thing about this is that the further out friends are, the harder I find it to guess the outcome of the hypothetical match. Because the thing about man-to-man combat (as if I knew) is that it is not only physical appearance (strength and swiftness) that it is important in the mix but also hardcore mental strength...

I had a series of really exiting battles lined up in my mind, and apparently I am a really cocky combatant in that imaginary place, because I am pretty sure I could kick the ass of most of my friends. There are a few in the bunch though I would think twice about taking on.

The group I think would severely kick my ass includes (I wouldnt take it without a serious fight mind ya):

Mads Juul - that guy is a machine in everything he does. Not only is he in stellar physical shape, but he has the scary ability never to miss a goal he sets for himself. There is no one I have more respect for on a personal and professional level than this man. So much intelligence, determination and strength.

Bennett Richardson - Every time  I see Bennett he never seizes to amaze me. Not only is he a good friend but he is also one of those cats that party hard and works even harder. Every time I see him I do not seem to sleep for days in a row and get involved in the weirdest things. His mental stamina combined with his sheer size (and the skills Ive seen him display on a dancefloor) definitely puts him in the "To be feared" category.

Mike Lind - Mike is one of my old friends from when I was living a hardcore rock'n'roll bachelor lifestyle in Randers, a small city in Denmark, that was dubbed the city of violence back then. Mike is a really good guy and super nice, and even though Mike has settled down with a beautiful wife and 2 kids, I still wouldn't like to get on his bad side. I know he packs a serious right... Him and his band of boys got me out of many a pickle back in the days.

And then there is a series of contestants which would be interesting to fight because Ive got no idea of the outcome. I thinks these fights would be super exiting.

David All - Now this is an impressive guy. I have so much respect for David out of a series of reasons and even though he is smaller than me in size, he is in a freakishly good shape and really determined in everything he does. He just ran a marathon for Christ sake, picked up surfing and has an iron lock mindset as well. You dont get sleeping to building an empire like the David all group. I think it would come down to the shape of the day.

Daniel Buck - This leans towards a victory for Daniel. Yet another really determined friend of mine who just came short of beating the world record in rowing when we were in our late teens - Now Daniel has a stature as a Greek god when he's in prime shape, and he can be determined as hell, but he is also the sweetest guy and we've been best friends since our teens and I think that that might give me a slight mental edge (+ Im still holding a grudge from him beating me in a triathlon when we were 18)

Maxwell A. Oginni - The reason why Ive got no idea who would win this match is because me and Max never actually met. We worked together on the Animation Tag Attack and as with all the cats from that project Max has definitely become a friend. Judging from pictures though he is a well build guy and judging from the looks of his work (animation) he is a hard badass worker. But again the lack of info on my part sets this match totally open...

So bring it on everybody. I am sorry if I hurt anybodys feelings here if you are not on the list and you think you could kick my ass. If I didn't just had my teeth  fixed Id take on each and every one of you as a token of my love and appreciation of our friendships.

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